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Who Are We?

So glad you asked...

We are McMaster Student in Support of the Canadian Red Cross. 

This year, we chose to advocate for a more local cause, and picked Canadian wildfires. This past summer saw some of the worst wildfires in Canadian history and notably in Ontario as smoke could be seen across the skies for kilometers.

The Canadian Red Cross has mobilized its resources North as many have lost loved ones and their homes. We are looking to support the Canadian Red Cross and their mission to relocate and reintegrate community members.


However, we are also interested in various reforestation efforts to ensure our Canadian Forests can thrive for years to come. For more information on sustainable forest growth visit or donate to:

You can stay informed about the ongoing support for Canadian wildfires this year with the McMaster Red Cross, or for more in-depth resources, visit:


Meet the Team


Co-Director of

Fundraising and Awareness

Elle Kerr

1st year Health Sciences

I joined the McMaster Red Cross to inspire change and to take tangible actions towards making my community (and the world beyond) a safer, healthier and more respectable place.


Co-Director of

Fundraising and Awareness

Kris Patel

2nd Year Kinesiology

I joined the McMaster Red Cross because I was inspired by their goals to raise funds and awareness for humanitarian crisis. I'm very excited this year to explore a very prevalent cause, the Canadian Wildfires!


Co-Director of Outreach

Lynn Hussain

4th Year Honours PNB

I joined to bring awareness to global causes we should all know and care about. The MSSCRS has made a positive impact on it's community and global initiatives, I am just grateful to be a part of it!


Co-Director of Outreach

Sarah Alman

3rd year Health Sciences

I joined because it was an opportunity to connect with the McMaster community over the shared goal of raising awareness and funds towards humanitarian crises.


Co-Director of Marketing

Bhavana Gundarlahali

2nd year Molecular Biology and Genetics

I joined McMaster Red Cross as their mission of creating a positive global impact by advocating for global injustices aligns with my values. I am very excited to create a positive difference with this amazing team!


Director of Admin

Ashlyn Chou

2nd Year Kinesiology

I went to a performing arts high school for piano, but I learned to sing after joining choir. Now I write and perform song parodies for my friends! 


Co-Director of

Fundraising and Awareness

Karthyayani Ramesh

Alumni Honours Life Sciences

I joined the McMaster Red Cross because I have been able to see the impactful work this wonderful team does every year and even got to be a part of this work when I was a part of this team back in 2020-2021. Therefore, when I saw the opportunity to again apply, I knew that it was a choice that I would not regret!


Director of Finance

Annaba Tasnia

3rd year PNB

I joined the Red Cross to advocate for humanitarian injustices and assisting vulnerable communities in need. Excited for another year of creating positive change with a great team at McMaster and beyond!


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